UniPhi : Videos from your networks in an app

Because your time is precious, we have designed for you an application allowing an instantaneous view of all your networks.

Réseaux sociaux
Take back control

Why use UniPhi?

Social networks take up a lot of space in our lives and the proliferation of platforms amplifies the phenomenon.

UniPhi makes it possible to exploit the interest of social networks while saving considerable time.

Save time

At a glance get an instant view of your networks, thanks to a single news feed

Free your voice

Bringing together many platforms in the same space allows the flow of information without barriers.

Boost your productivity

Sort, group your channels and contacts with personalized lists

All your networks in a flash

Youtube, Twitch, Odysee, Rumble, etc...

No more time spent exploring each network successively. Get a unique news feed and take back control of your time and energy.


Harness the power of networks efficiently

No more wandering on a network or scrolling to find a particular type of content.
Categorize, group the channels and people you follow by creating your own universes on UbiPhi.

Discover UniPhi

Now you have a choice !

UniPhi is more than an app, it's a lifestyle.
You too, join those who are taking back control.